2006: Back into Blogging

One of my arbitrary promises to myself for the year 2006 will be to
post to a blog more often.

Why? Well, for starters, it's terribly hard work telling everybody
everything over instant message. Additionally, what if I want to let
people who I don't know take a look into my life? not possible unless
I'm flaunting it publicly, as so.

This past week, I've been going to mom's work with her, primarily
because they have fast internet that nobody takes full advantage of,
though I feel a bit bad and wish that I could put a cap on my
tibook's usage, though I will not ever actually look into it. :P

My G3 is now running Mac OS 9.0, and is acting primarily as my
MLAgazine computer.

Today, for some reason, the thought struck me to research over the
air NTSC broadcast equipment, which I am doing this evening. I've
even gone so far on this one as to bust out the digital video camera
and start importing things from tapes to clear them for TV show
production work...

now I need to write and film and edit a television show. :D

Also... there is no good TV scheduling software for Mac OS X. I might
need to see if I can't rig something up, I think it would make an
awesome little app, provide streaming video out on firewire, or to
quicktime streaming server. ... Once I can find the blasted Mac OS X
10.4 developer tools, that is. :P

Oh, and for Christmas the highlight was being with my family, and the
excellent Nikon D50, which takes awesome photos. You can check them
out at http://cory5412.5gigs.com/d50_shots/

... Until next time.