DCP05285 - Self Portrait

DCP05285 - Self Portrait
DCP05285 - Self Portrait,
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This is a picture that I took with the oldest digital camera that I've used in quite a long time. It was a Kodak DC210+, my roommate's. I was surprised, for being nearly 10 years old, just how good the condition it was in was. Quite often, older digital cameras are not in that great condition, I've found.

I really enjoyed playing with it, It was certainly an interesting opportunity. What I found was that... it sucks. Unfortunately, for the same price as a DC210 in 1998, I can get a nice digital SLR and multiple lenses today.

My favorite part of it though, is probably the idea that such a camera is completely compatible with, just as a thought, an older Macintosh, such as my Quadra 840av, as well as with newer macs like my PowerBook G3. This is because it uses Compact Flash cards for storage, which I have reader for, but it can also be attatched directly to older Macs and PCs with a serial cable.

I love older technology sometimes. Though, to be fair... the contact sheet plugin for Photoshop just doesn't exist on 68k Macs. I need a PowerBook 3400c to do retrophotos with now.


Mauled by Colorgaurds!

Today Justin and I went to dinner at the duBois Center, to find that they had laid out the nice spread.. Justin calls it "themed meal" night. Luckily we got there early, because right as we sat down... a bunch of people from Air Academy in (I think) California came in. LIke... 200 or so at least. We were being attacked by a colorgaurd. It was certainly a scary experience. Then, people from Ayala, in Chino Hills, CA came! That group was GARGANTUAN. Luckily, Justin and I escaped before half of the Ayala people came in... and we discovered that Pomona was waiting outside too.

We're being attacked by californian colorgaurds!

Definitely Participating in NaNoWriMo

I just wanted to clarify that I am definitely going to participate in NaNoWriMo. I have a wiki up at that shows some of what I'm going to do, concerning the UeberFriends, and Gotschland, which will be the central focus of the story. I will probably use the Joerg and Kayana characters more, as the title of my novel will be "The Desert Dance of Joerg & Kayana", however I am also going to be using the rest of the Gotschland characters, and the UeberFriends will make plenty of appearances. is the page for the UeberFriends.

I totally [heart] Wikis.