DCP05285 - Self Portrait

DCP05285 - Self Portrait
DCP05285 - Self Portrait,
originally uploaded by Cory5412.
This is a picture that I took with the oldest digital camera that I've used in quite a long time. It was a Kodak DC210+, my roommate's. I was surprised, for being nearly 10 years old, just how good the condition it was in was. Quite often, older digital cameras are not in that great condition, I've found.

I really enjoyed playing with it, It was certainly an interesting opportunity. What I found was that... it sucks. Unfortunately, for the same price as a DC210 in 1998, I can get a nice digital SLR and multiple lenses today.

My favorite part of it though, is probably the idea that such a camera is completely compatible with, just as a thought, an older Macintosh, such as my Quadra 840av, as well as with newer macs like my PowerBook G3. This is because it uses Compact Flash cards for storage, which I have reader for, but it can also be attatched directly to older Macs and PCs with a serial cable.

I love older technology sometimes. Though, to be fair... the contact sheet plugin for Photoshop just doesn't exist on 68k Macs. I need a PowerBook 3400c to do retrophotos with now.

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