Actually... Life on IMPACT Donkey.

IMPACT Donkey is the name of my G3, in it's new civilian role of :gasp: not an Intrikit Weaver. I might one day go back to it being an Intrikit Weaver, but certainly that won't be until school starts, or I have my TiBook back, whichever is later. It is interesting to actually be strapped to my desk (not literally) in order to use my computer. I like having the extra screen realestate, and the substantial keyboard is quite a nice change from usual TiBook life, if you know what I mean.

I do find however, that the G3 is actually substantially slower, which saddens me because I like to find myself doing alot of things at once... The other problem is that I have to shut the G3 down nights and when I'll be gone, and that my desk is too small to easily accomodate the keyboard/mouse/monitor for my G3. The iMac, back when I used that, just barely fit... but was better than fitting than this 17" Gateway EV700.


On the G3

I'm on the G3 now, and once again my main computer is something that other people consider horridly ancient. It's interesting to see how people say "Oh, you wouldn't last a moment on an old computer" and you point out "neither would you, Mr. got a G5 the moment they came out."

I think that this is a lot of the reason for the 68kMLA's Retro Computing Contest, is to prove who is the manliest and can use the oldest computer... In all reality, it was not but two years ago that my main computer was ten years old, and even now I'm sitting at a five-year-old... I guess that all of this funny business makes the SGI Indy my backup machine, and that's ten or eleven years old... Interesting how that works out in my favor when you look at it that way.

Truth be told, the newer computers just work for me, and that's why I am not participating in the retro contest this year... there's been things that I really have needed to do for the whole month of July that an older computer wouldn't have let me do. One of those things is get online... the TiBook is my only computer that has a modem... without the 'net, I may as well just get rid of all of my computers at all, right? ;) The other thing that I needed to do during July was to travel, I took my TiBook to grandma's house "and all was well in the world" because I was able to do all sorts of nifty demos for people on my "that's so tiny!" laptop computer. Even the best-equipped PowerBook 190cs or 540c wouldn't have been able to do some of the stuff that I was doing... Quadras like the 840av and the 950 would have choked, even my G3 in a lot of instances, I'm sure.

There's been two reasons that I haven't been making blog posts, which is something that you might have noticed... the first is that I was in Michigan, as mentioned above, and the next is that my blog's host has gone berserk... Luckily, I have deviantArt and blogspot to be able to publish to, so I'm not completely dry for resources. I may just keep posting blog posts to devArt, or I might start using the blogspot thing. I'm sure that people might (or might not) comment either way, just so long as it's out there is what I'm concerned of. I guess i have some signature-changing to do.

So far I like sitting at a normal desktop computer for a change, Though, I am not sure of what I am actually going to do without the TiBook for so long. I've got the FireWire cable right here too, what I really *should* do is go to see if I can find the MiniDV camera, and see if it has a firewire port, then burn the contents of my video hard disc, minus the music probably onto CDs so that I can start working with MiniDV video in iMovie or Final Cut Pro 3. I will have to get that 'Backup' App installed on this mac and see how that works out. I might also take advantage of that .MAC account trial that I signed up for on here. I'm going to see later tonight if I can get online through mom's PC on here.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll see if I can find the MiniDV cam... I think it'll be great if I can do more video making because I have a semi-decent video camera that can import into my computer that much quicker than some other things.

As I write this, I'm sitting here all day long,