Paid Job?

You might know that my mother is a real-estate agent for DCD Realty,
and that DCD Realty is connected in some way to a marketing firm
called TW-Ventures.

Recently (In fact, it opens tomorrow) they opened a new office in
Golden Valley, Arizona. I helped bring up this office's computers and
network equipment.

Today, I even got wireless networking (sortof) set up from their
router, which is interesting.

I was informed, by my mother, that the people in charge who saw me
helping really liked my help, and that I will be helping again in the

In fact, the future is late January to early February, they are
opening an office in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and the person who is
going to be managing most of this wants me to be *the* technology
bringup helper, which means I'll get to play with a bunch of Dell
PCs, and set up the local area network there.

Also, mom wants me to hang around a bit at TW Ventures marketing firm
and help out a bit there, which may also lead to a small inflow of
United States Treasury Department notes.