Actually... Life on IMPACT Donkey.

IMPACT Donkey is the name of my G3, in it's new civilian role of :gasp: not an Intrikit Weaver. I might one day go back to it being an Intrikit Weaver, but certainly that won't be until school starts, or I have my TiBook back, whichever is later. It is interesting to actually be strapped to my desk (not literally) in order to use my computer. I like having the extra screen realestate, and the substantial keyboard is quite a nice change from usual TiBook life, if you know what I mean.

I do find however, that the G3 is actually substantially slower, which saddens me because I like to find myself doing alot of things at once... The other problem is that I have to shut the G3 down nights and when I'll be gone, and that my desk is too small to easily accomodate the keyboard/mouse/monitor for my G3. The iMac, back when I used that, just barely fit... but was better than fitting than this 17" Gateway EV700.

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