New Dells

Last Friday, I picked up two Dell Optiplex desktops from the surplus sales shop at my university. I will describe them as being "#1" and "#2" for now, because I have not given either of them proper names.

Number One was received with a Pentium III processor at 933MHz with 256mb of memory and a 10gigabyte hard disc, as well as a cdrom drive. Number Two was a P3/500 in a 576/20/cdrw/zip100 config, and they were both just ten dollars.

I am now using the 933MHz dell as my main desktop computer. While I do realize that I don't have enough desk space, I enjoy having a proper desktop computer, and this thing, honestly, is quite capable! I can even view Youtube videos now!

I just need to get 3dStudioMax and Office 2003.

As another sidenote, I will have a lot of time to work on stuff in 3dsMax soon. More on that soon.

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