A Thought on Desktop Arrangement

You may know that I've recently been using a Windows-based PC. I used to just keep the icons for my applications on the desktop in order to not be required to deal with the start menu. However, I recently did a bit of a clean-up.
Clean W-xp Desktop
This is how my desktop looks now.

Before, it had a whole bunch of icons everywhere, it wasn't that messy, but apparently it is regarded as not-awesome to have the icons for twenty applications arranged neatly along one edge of the display.
My Windows XP Desktop
This is how my desktop looked 20 minutes ago.

For comparison, I am going to include a screen shot of Mac OS 9. Apparently it's wrong of me to have the apps on the desktop in this system too, because the Apple menu provides functionality as an app launcher, if I were so-clever as to include a folder of aliases in there. I did to that long before it was suggested to me, but I find it much less intuitive and quick as just clicking on the app on the desktop.
OS 9 Desktop
This is Mac OS 9. Note the killer battery life.

I just thought that I might bring that to everybody's attention.

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