Success at Last! (Among Other Things)

This is just a note to say that I have finally defeated the 05:00 nap! :) Now I just need to survive for the next two weeks or so, as well as conquer today.

In other news, I am going to have to sign up to become an RA today, as well as possibly going to surplus sales to get a proper keyboard and mouse for this Dell OptiPlex GX110 computer.

In other news, it's really hard to get any radio other than country stations on my Walkman in my room. That's unfortunate because I like radio stations other than those which play country music. Of course, there is always the Internets, but I quite fancy listening to tapes any more. Lord of the Dance and Keys to Imagination are quite awesome tapes. I also have Avalon but that's a CD.

As another sidenote... blogging is an excellent choice over sleeping. I would rather be pointlessly pouring my random thoughts into the deep, dark depths of the internet than sleeping any day of the week. Especially Tuesday. However, being that it's only Monday right now, I'll have to day with blogging on Monday instead of Tuesday.

However, please expect Tuesday to be an insanely awesomely blogging-filled day.

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