I officially get complaining rights.

So.... I just read this interesting MacWorld article about how the Mac Pro can play 4 hidef video streams, and record the screen as another hidef video screen using Snapz Pro X, without even breaking a sweat. However, my main computer, the PowerBook G3, is unable to play one uncompressed WAV file while skipping constantly, if I am copying 470 megs of JPEGs (interesting video project coming up!) from a card reader to the hard disc over USB 1.1. This does not please me, to say the least. I was happy with its ability to play the sound while doing nothing else... but it disappoints me, to say the least, that I can't type on AIM or copy files while playing a WAV.

I had a freakin' 25MHz 80386 computer, with FOUR megabytes of memory, that could play a WAV file under almost any circumstances. What gives?

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