Spring 2008 Registration

Well, I've registered for spring 2008. I've got German 202, PHO382, History 102, Online VC251, and CIS120. I also want to get EMF252-4 again, and I would really like to sign up for PHO381, but VC251 was a prerequisite for that. I will ask an advisor or one of the photo faculty members if I can sign up for that anyway. Overall, it's pretty good and without the EMF and additional Photo class, I've got 16 credits, which is more units than I have this semester, plus I'm working on whacking out some more of those liberal studies requirements, which is always a good thing.

It looks like I've got almost exclusively Tuesday/Thursday classes, except of course for my German class, but that's earlier in the day next semester, at 9:10 instead of 10:20. I'll probably have to start going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up in preparation for 8am work or classes, and just do homework in the morning. Of course, I've promised myself that a very long time and it's never happened, so we'll see how far I get in regularizing my sleep schedule.

In other news, Megan and I went on a date last Friday to Olive Garden, and then watched a movie for a bit at her room. Then I worked Saturday morning, then Meaghan's barbecue was Saturday afternoon, then I actually got to sleep a bit Saturday night, had to work Sunday evening, went to Chili's with Megan, Glenn & Douglas last night, and worked again at 8am this morning. My week continues like this until this coming Friday, when I might be able to sleep after work. Ah well, I suppose it's better than doing nothing.

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