Summer Rail Trip!

I'm not yet certain, but I think would be quite awesome to have a jolly ol' rail trip this summer! I've discovered an interesting plan that Amtrak has, which basically allows me thirty days of free travel on almost any train in North America operated by Amtrak or VIA Rail Canada. This plan would cost about $640, plus I would want to get a Passport and I would need to sign up for the silly "Student Advantage" card which would allow the savings.

If I did that, I would probably not spend too much more than a day or so in any cities of real importance, but you can be gauranteed I'd have many many photos of wherever I went.

Another option is to just go to Seattle on train and visit people from that region of the world. It is both less, as well as more exciting. I would definitely end up spending a total of 3-4 days total in the Seattle area, probably visit some people I know online or whatever.

Either way, I think it would end up being like a 30 day long photographic wet dream, plus I could get to visit my friends from Washington and other parts of the USA and Canada.

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