Unfortunate -

I didn't get the RA position. Part of me really wants to know why, another part of me just wants to keep listening to Daft Punk's Discovery over and over again. As always, there's yet-another part of me - more than one actually. Two other parts of me want to be angry, and have an "I don't care" attitude, respectively.

I do care, and I am somewhat miffed because I did work hard on the application and everything, but I am also somewhat relieved because I have heard it is a difficult job, and my time is already almost fully consumed as it is.

I hope to apply again for the RA job next semester, but in the meantime I think I may need to find another on-campus job, or look into working over the summer, or even finding a few more decent scholarships.

I did get a few emails from the Office of Financial Aide over the past few days, regarding scholarships I am eligible for, I got the applications today and am going to do the applications for those before long.

I think it's time for me to fire up the D50 and start running around campus. Even more importantly, I might have to go off-campus to get some photos of other things. I may also work on another videoBlog post, who knows.

The other thing I need to do now is decide what building I want to live in next year.

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