ContactSheet 213

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This is one of the crazy things that I do. I create contact sheets of all of my photos. This is number 213 of 215, and that's just so far. As you can see, the numbers are almost, or in excess of 6,400 - that's how many pictures I have total. Each on has its own number. Nifty, eh?

I do them in black and white, or I have done them in the past in black and white, but shortly I'm going to start doing them in full & glorious colour!

The other thing is that I print all of these - I printed 210 or so of them with an Apple LaserWriter 4/600PS, and I'm going to be printing later ones on the Xerox Phaser 6120. Fun will be had by all. I have a 3-hole punch and I actually fill binders with these. I have "PhotoBook Volume I" which is Pages 001-200, and has images 00001-06000, which is highly entertaining. I have started on Volume II, which will be Pages 201-400, and Images 06001-12000 (ish). 12,000 Photos is a lot, and somehow, I bet that I'll have that goal reached by the end of this school year, if not by the end of the semester.

I do this all on the 500MHz PowerBook G3, or soon a 450MHz PowerBook G4, my Nikon D50, and Photoshop CS2.

I need to do a whole thing on the entire method, including a tutorial and everything, because what I have found is that this is a great low hdd-space and low computing-oomph method to managing large numbers of digital photos. I simply do the thing with them that somebody might do to a bunch of film negatives, I make contactsheets and put them in a binder. :D

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