Reflections on English105

Traditionally, I've considered myself to be a decent writer. In fact, I would say that I've done fairly well in a variety of English classes, involving both composition and literature, even a combination of the two. Because of this, I find it odd that a class with "English" in its title happens to be one of my least favorite this semester.

I think I know what it is, though. This class requires more, and a diferent style of. off the cuff awesomeness than high school classes did. I am used to coming to class on a regular basis (perfect attendance for 3.75 years, anyone?) but I'll admit that in high school, the accepted standard is for a teacher to stand in front of the class and essentially feed you. In my English 105 course, we are required to come to class prepared to make stuff up right away, and continue making stuff up until we have it right.

Or so is my perception. I think that the problem with this is that we still end up accepting the instructor's idea of correct, we just happen to be filling our heads with a whole lot of incorrect before reaching correct. This may help some of us who are more keen on the methods of this type of instruction, but at least half of my particular class has left the building just thanking God that they've come to a Liberal institution where they apparently (or so they think) won't have conservative stuff jammed down their throats.

So far, English 105 is both frustrating, and highly comical. With luck, it'll become less frustrating and more englightening and comical as time goes on.

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