New Desktop

New Desktop
New Desktop,
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The desktop picture here comes from Justin's new PC. I stole the picture from it.

On the note of that PC... it's some new Compaq Presario. It's like, only the 2nd brand new PC I've ever seen from its purchase at an office supply store, to it being set up in a dorm room (Or any room.)

One thing that amazed me was how... generic it really is. Its enclosure has very few amazing identifying features, and is otherwise the same in a world of now black boxes. The box is surprisingly small... I remember the box that my Gateway PC came in being... fairly huge.

Carrying the PC wasn't a problem, we carried it from Staples to IHOP where we ate and waited out the rain, then we carried it into WalMart, where we had to explaint to everybody that he had bought it at Staples, then we had to buy the monitor (a 17" CRT). Bringing that 17" CRT back to his dorm was the hardest part.

It was an interesting day, to say the least. I decided that if I ever need a super-cheap x86 box, I might get the same thing Justin bought, it's Vista-Capable, and has a Combo drive... Maybe I should look into Pirating Vista then.

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