Birthday, RA Interview

Well, it's been an insane few days... This really should be like four different posts, but here it goes.

My birthday was on Friday, so on Friday night, my friends Megan, Justin, Seth, Mike and Ashley came to sweep me off my rear end onto my feet, out of the room and into the world for our "night on the town." We had the mandarin super-buffet, which was okay - but not remarkable. Admittedly, I was a bit difficult for awhile, and the original plan was to go to the other chinese place, but in the end it worked out well enough. After that, we get back to the dorm, and it turns out that Megan and GirlChris had baked a cake earlier that day - wow! (I'm still eating the cake now, I'm going to finish it this morning. It's awesome.

It didn't end there, though! I got an Easy Button and a Staples gift card from Megan.
Needless to say, I think I've got the most awesome friends of anybody, ever.

In the morning on Friday, I went to check on the status of my iMac. It turns out that the hard disc needs to be replaced, and they're doing that for me. I am going to go Monday and ask them to perform the data recovery service as well, which could cost me up to $60 depending on who is working and how helpless I seem to them. I really dislike putting myself in that kind of position, but I also really want my data back if I can get it. that drive had my music, the UeberWiki, some schoolwork, and lots more on it.

As far as my other computer goes, I now have the PowerBook G3 running Mac OS X 10.3.9, I will probably just leave it with this for awhile. I've got a few nice apps on here, and I'll probably go ahead and put Dreamweaver MX and Office 2004 on here, to prevent me from needing to run PPC apps on the Intel iMac. (I still intend to buy Adobe CS3 when it comes out, but that's quite far away.)

Saturday was big too, my dad and Brenda came for a visit and we went to the Flagstaff mall for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, then some shopping. I got a new pair of pants in a slightly smaller size, which is my new goal. I also got a shirt. Then we went to Target and got some microwave burritos, deodorant, shampoo, laundry detergent, milk, and a tripod. Some useful stuff, some cool stuff, in all, a nice day. After shopping, we went to to the Olive Garden for dinner, and then my day was over. (Not really - I stayed up until like 3am playing computer. :P)

This morning was like an EventExplosion. At 7, my dad came by and dropped off a birthday card. Then I went back to sleep. Unfortunately, the phone rang a few times. I ended up ignoring it the first time, then it rang again and a message was left. "oh my god!" I thought. It was an NAU Office of Residence Life director, calling to say that I was currently missing my appointment. "Oh noess!!!!" I thought. I called back after a shower, and left a message explaining that I regretted missing my appointment and I was in the process of getting myself over to the office. The director called me back shortly, and said not to rush too much, that if I got there before 10, I'd be good. She said "we didn't want you to miss this, because your application was definitely not just thrown together." (that made me happy.)

So I get there and my interview starts - It's a director from Sechrist, and RAs from McConnell and Tinsley interviewing me. Their 20 questions ranged in difficulty, but they obviously know how to make sure that somebody is well-qualified. I felt fairly confident, but one thing I observed was that I started using fairly big, somewhat formal words, which I'm not sure they wanted. Hopefully I get a second-round interview though.

Anyway... have fun, and to all - A Happy Tuesday!

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