Well, that certainly is a relief! For those of you who don't know,
last Thursday while I was attempting to discover the "Wow" power of
Microsoft Windows Vista, I decided that vmware wasn't enough, and that
I would need to use Vista in the Boot Camp environment. Unfortunately,
I couldn't partition more than 5 gigs of the disk for some reason, so
I decided I may as well do Windows XP. Unfortunately, that failed too.
The iMac stopped recognizing all forms of boot media.

Anyway, I brought it to the shop on Thursday, and have finally heard
back today - they ordered a new logic board for it, and it should be
ready within the next two to four days. I am going to go pick it up on
Thursday if it is ready by then.

Also, I cleaned my room, that made me feel a bit better. Plus, I've
been picking up the paper on time.

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