New Yellow Bikes

new yellow bikeAs recently as Sunday evening, there are about fifty new yellow bikes on NAU's campus. They're all brand new, registered with the City of Flagstaff, and they've got some warning text on them explaining the program and providing a disclaimer. On Sunday evening and Monday morning, they were littered all over campus, but sure enough, I'm sure they're now all concentrated in one or two of the most popular destinations. The unfortunate thing is that there probably isn't some sort of committee whose job it might be to spread them back out.

It was cool today seeing people ride them around, although I've already seen a few with a few loose pieces, one with limp handlebars and one with a seat that wouldn't stay up. I wonder if there's some kind of team or group on campus whose job it will be to manage the fleet of yellow bikes. Pulling a few (the ones in worst condition) out at a time to give them some loving isn't a bad idea, and having everything maintained would boost morale and the reputation of the program I bet.


Weston Loucks said...

I rode one today and it's pretty scary without breaks! Especially if you get going down a hill.

Cory Wiegersma said...

You should be able to brake by pedaling backward a bit. My girlfriend's got a similar bike and that's how she brakes.