Quiet Day

It's very quiet today at the helpdesk. I haven't gotten an actual call yet today (knock on wood) and a bit ago, the chatter of the full-time staff mysteriously stopped. I don't know whether it's relaxing, or creepy.

At any rate, I've just been here writing blog entries and working on some photography stuff. I'm getting some of the base adjustments on some of the additional images for my photo class, and finding other images I want to work on. I really should start working on rating and keywording some of the older images too. I can't wait to (whenever it finally happens) to just have that done.

So, I'm just hanging out here, writing blog posts and working on photography. I'll probably hang out here with Meaghan a bit when she comes for her shift later on. She's got some images on which to play Photoshop too.

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