Most Adorable Server Ever

One of the parts of my project at Kingman High School this week has been to help Kate set up our new server, which happens to be a Mac mini. The biggest reason we got a mini instead of either a macpro or an xserve was the fact that a mac mini really is enough for the high school. Currently there are 15 MacBook Pro computers of various ages, 7 iMacs of various types, and a G4 PowerMac, all of which are student client machines.

The goal is to give each Photo 2 student an account on the system that has a fairly hefty amount of available disk space, and that roams with them to whatever of the client Macs they choose to use. We're accomplishing this by using a mac mini as our server computer, with the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Server software, and a drobo drive enclosure for the student home folders.

The unfortunate thing is that so far, while the client computers can see and connect to the server, I've been unable to successfully create network accounts and get their home directories added to the server. So far, everything leads to a potential trouble with the DNS setup, which I suppose I'll have to try tomorrow, because setting up the mini at home seems to have failed pretty hardcore.

Anyway, this is just a note to say that the mac mini is probably the most adorable server ever, plus it's so small and quiet. At some point when I replace the U60, it'll probably be with a mini.

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