Anixter Warehouse

Today I am at work with dad at the Anixter warehouse. It’s fairly interesting because there are various Frontier guys running around on their side of the warehouse, and I’ve learnt various things today. For example, there’s a company called “Calix” which I need to research. Also, Siemens makes a higher-end ADSL gateway called the Speedstream 5930, it is apparently a business model. I’d love to see what it looks like, and get my hands on one. Unfortunately, I think that those are tracked a little bit more tightly than, for example, the Linksys Wireless-G notebook adaptor that dad has allowed me to try in the Pismo.

Unfortunately, the building has wireless-blocking metal walls, so I won’t be able to take advantage of the card and link right here. However, I was surprised that the computer did recognize the card, and Airport was going to let me connect with it – I think. I am unsure if I’ll be keeping it, closer to the end of the day he’ll either tell me I can pack it in my bag, or to repack it and put it back on the shelf from whence it came.

It’s just too bad that those SpeedStream 5930 ADSL things are probably tracked better than this, or those ADSL pci cards… either would be an awesome upgrade from the SpeedStream 6520 that we’ve got at home now. If it were me, I’d pop the PCI card in my g3 and redo Mac OS X 10.4 server. We’ll see though. There are also wireless-G routers (WRT54G) among other cool things. However, I doubt I’ll be able to nab anything like that. :P I do get to keep the card though, and that has a broadcom chipset, I think… either that, or whatever chip it does have is useable in the Pismo. I’ll test it out this evening.

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