"Vintage Mac"

This is an interesting thing that LCGuy pointed me to - the first of the dualprocessor PowerMac G4 systems are now officially "Vintage" along with such venerable machines as the b/w g3s, the firewire powerbook g3s, and other interesting pieces of equipment.

It's interesting to see the change in attitude about any given piece of equipment, from the day that macworld prints their glowing review of the latest professional desktop or workstation, to the point at which it's considered to be "vintage." For what it's worth, I do remember reading about b/w g3s and early g4s while I was in elementary school, in macworld and macaddict. I was always super-excited to read about the latest revision, update, price-drop or speed-bump.


I wonder if this could be any potential indication regaurding  the type of hardware that Leopard will easily run on, not that I'm particularly interested in that, after a) the fiascos I've had with Tiger, and b) with my slow hardware.

Interesting things to say the least.

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