I apologize sincerely for not having anything up for awhile, I seriously have several blogPosts from the past few weeks that are on my computer, and that I fully intend to put up.
Anyway, I'm at NAU and I've met a lot of awesome people - mostly through Glenn. I've already met several people through him, and I already have lots of ideas for photos to take here.
Tomorrow, I am heading to Target to see if they have a particular printer, and then to see if I can put it on layaway until Dad gets here on Saturday. That one's a network printer. However, I'm going to look at campus surplus sales too, I may be able to find an excellent old LaserJET or so in there. Glenn and I have discussed it - if I do, we will probably share it, and the printer will be our sexy printer ho, and we'll all print our long books and stuff on it - Of course, Glenn will be buying some of the toner. :)
Sexy printer hos aside, I am amazed with Target, their online store has laser printers, VOIP phones, among other crazy things - They don't have the brother printer I wanted, but dad and I talked about it and I may get a Lexmark E210n (I think that was the model number) It's only three digits of modelnumber powah, (vs. the HP LaserJET 1022, the Brother HL-2040, and the Xerox Phaser 6120) but it's an "n" model which means it's networkable, and it's lexmark, which in the laser arena is okay I hear, I have no personal vendetta against them.
As far as getting a MacPro goes, I'm still not sure, I'm fairly certain that I want it, but I'm not exactly certaon on how I'll get it, etc. The desks in Reilly hall are not as big as in Sechrist, I think, so my estimations are wrong, but a printer, and my stereo will fit on top, and there's definitely room for an LCD monitor, be it the nice 20" Cinema Display, or the cheapest dell 17" LCD (which is not that bad, actually), I don't know if I can go back to a CRT for my photos, unless it's suepr-nice and gargantuan, which won't work well with NAU.
Anyway... I'm rambling. :D

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