Just a note on the Mac Pro

Yes, it looks almost exactly like the Power Mac G5
Yes, it is a Revision-A product from Apple, Computer Inc.
Of course, I don't have $2500 to drop on a new computer right now.

But I still seriously believe that this machine will be my next Mac. It will be a significant upgrade from the PowerBook G3 and PowerMac g3 I am using right now. A collective... 10.66GHz of Woodcrest (XEON 5100) awesomeness, how can you deny that? I honestly think that the Mac Pro is slated to become one of those machines that's around ten years past discontinuation, still chugging along with every imagineable upgrade, with a few software hacks, running the very latest version of Mac OS X and a variety of applications, with users still reporting that the machine is very useable.

Naturally, I hope that's how mine behaves, because I fully intend to keep it, and upgrade it a bit every few months, or year, or whenever. In ten years, my system probably will have eight monitors, 3 terabytes of hard disc space, 16 gigabytes of memory, and it may be upgraded to the 3GHz or an even faster variant of the Woodcrest. Who knows?

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