The Destruction of my Network

Actually, this post isn't so much about my network, like someone came into my room and snipped the ends off of my Ethernet cables, as much as it's about the fact that today I took down the TREL and unhooked the printer from my dorm network, in preparation for moving to Aspen wing at the start of this summer.

And so, we come to the actual purpose of this post, my description of how I think I"m being shafted by ResLife, who are going to make me move at the beginning of summer, and for some reason I've got this weird idea that they are probably going to make me move at the end of summer too. Had I known this earlier, it wouldn't have been such a big problem, but my issue is that I was led to believe by just about everyone that I wouldn't have to move.

Almost worse than reslife doing this is what I've done to the room -- Jim and I have made a few customizations, and we've got the room absolutely filled to the brim with random crap. Huge collections of novels, my nine computers (of which, to be fair, seven are laptops, one is the iMac and the last is the decTOP), among other things.

So for the next few weeks, in addition to studying and taking exams, Jim and I have to clean the room and get everything ready to move out. But I don't just have to move. I have to move on Sunday, May 11th. The day I'm going to see Rent with Megan. My intent was to hang out with her in Tucson all weekend, go back up to Phoenix to see Rent, then take a Greyhound bus from
Phoenix to Flagstaff, in time to get sleep and be at work Monday afternoon.

Hopefully I'll be able to get it arranged with Leslie Jo and Dylan (current and summer RHDs of Gabaldon) to either move into Aspen wing on Friday/Saturday, or Monday, and then get a ride down to Phoenix for Rent on Sunday. (I may have to do the Greyhound thing even then -- I suppose I should familiarize myself with their schedule.)

So if I seem on-edge, or in general "really angry" over the next week or so, that's why.

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