Speed Racer

The other night Meaghan, Mel, David and I went to see Speed Racer. Unfortunately this is being put up using the Scheduled Posting feature, because I've already got a queue of blog posts out to like Thursday or Friday.

The good news is that the movie has a pretty amazing soundtrack and the color is amazing. The sound design in it's awesome, and the editing and visuals are awesome. Glenn asked me if any of the extra effort put into the technical detail detracts from the movie at all, and I've got to say that it definitely doesn't. The whole thing is made more impressive by, for one example, the editing where as events are unfolding, you can see everyone's reactions.

The music makes this movie, I think. During the whole thing I can feel the suspense, the excitement, or whatever other emotion is being conveyed on the screen, more because of the music than anything. It has a great orchestrated sound, and I intend to have bought it on iTunes by the time you read this.

The bad news is that Meaghan and I managed to get hopped up on caffeine during the movie, each of us having consumed 44oz worth of our preferred caffeine drink. (Coke and Dr. Pepper, respectively.) Meaghan ended up staying in her room, hopefully she's managed to fall asleep by now because I feel terrible about having contributed to her crazy insomnia. I've stayed up for a bit to write this blog post, and do a few other things around the room.

I completely recommend that anyone who is looking for a movie to see, see this one.

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