Photo365 Revisited.

Oops, I stopped pre-writing blog posts!

Well, I suppose then that I'll take this opportunity to tell you that I've started the Photo365 project, and I'm pretty excited about it all so far. I'm hosting my Photo365 stuff on a different blog actually, the WordPress blog I installed on my Sun Ultra60 computer.

The first day, I did a short in the lobby at North Hall. It was so-so photographically, but it was an image I wasn't going to go back to get any time soon.

The second day, I got some construction going on outside my dorm. It was really close by, but I think that of today's images, it was the strongest, compositionally.

One of the things I'm looking forward to is using the variety of lenses I've got, and I may even try the D50 body some more, with the various lenses. I also hope that my workflow really gets tighter and better, as a result of this project.

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