Today, after sleeping until noon, Meaghan and I went to the Black Bean, a small Mexican restaurant inside a little nook of Flagstaff I would never have seen unless someone had taken me there. Luckily, Meaghan was there to show the way. The food was great.

flatcatAlso part of our adventure was a trip around downtown, including some shops like the Blackhound Gallerie, where I got flatcat, my new dorm pet. When I get my printer back at the beginning of the next semester, flatcat will be assigned to protecting that, but for now she (or he or it) is assigned to protecting flatdell.

All told, Meaghan and I spent about 4 hours walking around today. I got about 160 frames in with the D300, and there would've been more if I had brought more than one memory card. Today's Photo365 image is pretty great. There were some very awesome shots of Meaghan, but for today, the train picture won.

We're probably going to make these particular event a weekly thing, because we found out that downtown Flagstaff on a Sunday afternoon is a very fun place. Live music, shops, and great photographic opportunities. Next time I go to downtown, I am definitely bringing all of my memory cards.

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