Impending Switch Canceled

Well, I'm just not sure what to say. For about three months here I've observed a very huge difference between Adobe Bridge on my Mac and Adobe Bridge on my PC. For quite awhile, my impression has been that Adobe Bridge runs better on Windows than it does on the Mac. My guess at why was mainly as a result of how Adobe must work in order to maintain the same code base on Windows as well as the Mac. Unfortunately, while working on keywording some of my older images earlier this morning, I found out that I was terribly terribly wrong.

It turns out though, that what's actually happening is that either version of the program starts to become erratic and unpredictable in it's behavior with keywords once you've started to add some keywords to your keyword database.

I am both severely disappointed, and quite happy about this. First off, it means that basically I've been complaining needlessly for the past several months. The PC and Mac versions of Bridge suck equally! The great thing about this though, is that it doesn't necessarily rule out Mac OS X as a computing platform for me in the future. I had no serious plans to run out and replace the iMac in the next year or two, but in the past month or two, but I had been giving serious consideration to making my next new desktop computer a Windows PC, and I'd been researching the various vendors of Windows hardware, and preparing myself for the cost of a decently well-configured Windows-based computer, based on today's systems.

I'm not ruling out a Windows machine as my next computer, nor am I ruling out continuing to test Adobe CS on Windows as well as the Mac, but it just makes a switch to Windows much less necessary.

I'll end this post with this one last statement: GAH... Really, Adobe? Really?

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