Yellow Bike Ride

Today on my way back home from German, I found and grabbed a yellow bike. It happened to be bike number 62, which was also formerly a cruiser. I'm not sure if it's one of the newest ones, or if they've recalled some of the old ones for some more refurbishment. I've also recently seen one of the old mountain-bike style Yellow Bikes, which looked like it was fairly well-refurbished.

It was weird, almost disconcerting at first, getting on the bike, which is a cruiser, and starting to pedal. Unlike my mountain bike, I can't push the pedal backward at all, in order to reposition the pedals to get the bike started easier. Once I got going, the feeling of riding the bike, somewhat rickety as it felt, was exhilarating. I sped by people on the ped-way, followed and rode by other bicyclists, and  I even charged Cardiac Hill, fast at first, slowing down gradually as I reached the steepest part of the hill, almost stopping at the peak of the hill, right before the upper road crossing.

Gliding, relieved from the apparent lack of effort involved in going forward on mostly flat ground, I rolled through the small parking lot in front of Gabaldon and dismounted the at the front entrance, leaving it propped up against the handrail, otherwise claiming "no bikes on handrail," mainly realizing that the bike would be gone within an hour anyway.

Afterward I was very tired, I'll admit I haven't excercised as with a bike ride in a very long time, especially what with nuclear winter having extended itself so very long. Maybe this summer I'll see if I can get my bike up here at the university.


John said...

oh man cruiser bikes are so nice, that's what I have.

When I have to go across grass or rough terrain I really miss gears, but when I'm going down the road I'm pretty certain that they're the best types of bikes ever.

Cory Wiegersma said...

Yeah, it's a pretty sweet type of bike. Dad actually got one to let me bring to NAU before my freshman year, but I opted out, realizing that one of the biggest features of NAU's campus is Cardiac Hill... and it's nearly unavoidable when trying to get from North to South ends of campus. (the building I live in also happens to be at the peak of Cardiac Hill.)

John said...

I love that name, Cardiac Hill. So ominous...