The Shot

Earlier this morning, I finished watching the VH1 show I downloaded from iTunes, The Shot. In The Shot, eight or so people competed to become the next big fashion photographer.

The production values of the show weren't that great, even in the last episode I was distracted by a few audio problems, but I don't necessarily think high production values were the goal of the show. As a show about photography, I think it succeeded as a show about photography, although I don't think it was necessarily meant to appeal to people actually doing or studying photography, except as a general broad-strokes type of thing. It's intended audience really probably was "people who watch VH1." Although I'll admit that one of the biggest reasons I liked it was the drama, and because that first episode was free on iTunes.

Anyway, my favorite of the contestants ended up winning, which was cool. I think this was the first time I kept track of a "reality" show from beginning to end (albeit after the fact, I think the show is a year or two old by now.)

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