Ready for Summer.

This post was delayed in favor of my previous post, "State of the MLA."

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I am, in fact, ready for summer to start. The overnight shifts are great, but I haven't worked both of my own overnights on any regular basis since before going to the Renaissance Festival back at the end of February. That, and either the homework really is worse this semester, or I've just been letting it all pile up in awkward ways, because it seems like every two weeks, just when Megan seems to want my time the most, I've got large piles of homework due.

After finishing the German project I keep forgetting to work on, and getting done with everything else, my intent for the summer is to get on a regular sleeping schedule again, and work on some of my projects, such as my rationalization of my blog categories, getting the Sun Ultra60, and working with Windows 2003 ActiveDirectory.

Also, I'm quite ready to be done letting people without IDs into the lab. Apparently this pair gets into the lab often at this time without IDs, so either they know one of the other SCAs, or they just come on different nights, and then make it halfway into the lab before mentioning that they know about our ID policy. How infuriating.

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