Back Home From NAU

This is just a post to inform the masses that I'm back in Kingman from NAU, and for what it is worth, I have already visited Mrs. Gaska, Hr. Gotsch, and Ms. Arnold.

I still think that Ms. Arnold is the best photo teacher ever, as evidenced by the fact that I am borrowing a MacBook Pro once again (albeit not my own!) to use to install Aperture on it, which unfortunately, has failed thus far. I will make more attempts to make it work throughout the day though.

Another project I've got today, however, is called Photoshop CS3, which has been released in the form of a Public Beta by Adobe in what I call "just in the nick of time" because of the fact that there are rumors that there is a new Macintosh in the pipeline for me, vis the Mystic Force™ known as Santa Claus. In addition, I've got four MacBook Pros under my command now, which means it's necessary for me to try the Photoshop CS3 beta anyway.

It's quite interesting/awesome to be back at KHS, and I'm looking forward to the rest of this month-long break.

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