Holy Glayven! This network needs help!

Hey Everybody! I'm posting this from home, where I think that my mom's network fails exactly every 128 megabytes, because I can't seem to get the 129 megabyte Aperture 1.5.2 update downloaded. In addition, I get dropped from AOL-IM every so often, and I don't even want to try MSN Messenger.

I just hooked up my printer to the dell and made a proposed network layout for what I call the Network Improvement Project. (That's also known as PNL01 for the NIP.) I printed it over USB (a first for my printer) because I don't feel like screwing around with trying to get everything rigged up with my printer and more than one of my computers at a time on this network. Honestly, even Kingman High School keeps a more functional network.

In other news, I also need to clean up mom's office, not only my stuff in it, but I think the whole thing needs a nice cleaning... I hope to make the stand-up desks more accessible, and get everything in here set up in a fashion that's satisfactory to me, so that I can go ahead and start getting things done, such as some work with a few retro Macintoshes, and the consumption of caffeine, and my network repair/improvement project.

So... currently I'm going to say that the network is in Condition: -10, fails every few minutes, and is in a bad physical state.

If I can improve it to Condition 0 or even have it in a Plus Condition, then I will be made of win. Please wish me luck in my network related quest!

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