My Week at the High School

I just got done with a week and two days at the high school. I got a bit of a different perspective, because I spent almost all of my time in one classroom, which really gave me my first almot accurate impression of what teaching at the high school level is really like. It's certainly interesting, but I think that it is somewhat restricted. I noticed that Kate spent almost all of her time behind the desk helping students with various things, so at this point in her class (Photo I at least) it is all helping with the Series Project, and no actual instruction.

Another unfortunate thing about Kate's job, especially compared to university instructors and professors, is that she must manage all of the equipment that her program uses. This includes ordering things, maintaining them or hiring maintenance, as well as disposing of broken equipment, and dealing with the state department when it comes to things such as her old video equipment.

In addition, this year she's got a new helper or two, both of which are very interested in video equipment. So it turns out that they've been doing some "fundraisers" in the form of recording Choir and Band concerts on video, editing them, and theoretically selling DVDs or tapes of the finished product at a profit. However, what I have noticed is that these few are causing quite a few problems for Kate. So by the end of her day (this year), Kate spends about 40% of her time interacting with her students. 20% of her time interacting with the school and taking care of business related to that, and 40$ of her time doing fundraisers and working with the video people. I think that it's unfortunate that that's the breakdown, because her students deserve more time, and she deserves more time to just sit, or to do things other than taking care of some sort of business.

Compare this to a standard teacher who spends probably 60% of their time with students, 20% of their time working on school business, and 20% of their time doing other things such as more student interaction, grading papers, etc.

Ahwell, it seems to work for her mostly, so it surely isn't my place to judge. I would probably try to spend less time during the actual day working on equipment, and more time interacting with students or getting other business done.

Luckily, I was able to help Kate (and Mr. Burden) with some things. I helped Kate start to import her old audio tapes to iTunes, with the goal of eventually putting them on CDs. I helped get things a bit more organized in the room. I am also going to help Burden get some of his computers fixed.

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