Cory Defeats Home Networking

Headlines are completely devoid of today's best news! I have defeated home networking. It turns out, the best idea was for me to put the base station just a little bit higher than it was, and everybody who once complained about wifi speed, is now jamming along at the full speed of IEEE802.11G. No additional equipment was purchase, no crawlspaces were entered, and no holes were drilled in the walls. However, there is still one unsightly wire still dangling about, I will have to see exactly what the issue is there. I think my mother may have some lead in her closet.

In other news, I have also defeated Network Address Translation! :D You can see the UeberWiki here: for awhile. I am unsure of how long this will stay up, but if I notice the address changes, or if something else happens that requires me to notify you (like I move UeberWiki to a new server, upgrade the RAM in my PowerMac G3, or go back to university and the address has changed) then I'll do so.

As another note - Kris, Ms. Arnold's new helperguy, is really cool, and he's turning into one of my online buddies. He's "helped" a wee bit with the Wiki too, so if you see something unexpected (such as ranting about a squid or something on the photog Knowledge page) then don't be too surprised or worried. Also, you must bow down to the FVMs! (search the wiki for it.)

Now that we've discussed that, I must bid thee adieu and wish you many happy returns, and that all of your Moon-Tuesdays are excellently happy!

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