The Universe Hates me, and I'm Ready

Ready for the semester to be over with!

I am not sure what's happened, (other than the horrific sickness, and general awfulness) but ever since getting back to school from Thanksgiving break, I am just ready to be back at home, the way it was over summer. Or maybe I am just ready to not have classes any more.

It starts last Thursday. At about 4am, I had just gotten done eating a microwave burrito, and I was going to go ahead and stay up all day to finish my NaNoWriMo Novel. Unfortunately, what I discovered was that I had started to become ill. So, I decide that I can afford an hour of sleep. Unfortunately, after the hour of sleep, a shower, and anything else I could think of to try, I was still feeling fairly awful. So I just slept until about noon, when I had to get up to get ready (very slowly, might I add) for my class at 1:50. I went to class, and gave the presentation about my extended argument paper. That sucked massively, but at least I did it.

After ENG105, Kat and I went over to the Comm building to get our JLS130 practice final exams, and we then bid each other our goodbyes, and as I walked in front of the math building back toward my dorm, I vomited.

Luckily, I eventually got back to Reilly and lay down in bed, looking forward to a lot of sleep. I crawled in bed, and was nearly asleep, when, of all the awesomely lucky things that could have happened to me... the fire alarm went off. At this point, I knew that the Universe hates me. I eventually got back to sleep, and managed to sleep right through Friday. It is now Saturday, and I'm feeling a bit better, but I don't know when I'll feel perfectly awesome again.

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