Fire Alarm

I just figured that it's important for everybody to know something. At approximately 2:30 a.m. on December 11, 2006, The fire alarm in Reilly Hall at Northern Arizona University went off. It's just about 3:05 right now and we've just been let back in. This is dissapointing, of course, because it was very inconvenient for me to have to wake up from my pre-finals slumber and leave the building, and complain about it for as long to Jim, Nathan and my roommate.

So, if I fail my SC-111 final, I have a reason.

By the way... (Reilly as a cheesy videogame) the mutants are on the first floor, the pirates are on the second floor, the ninjas are on the third floor, and the zombies are on the fourth floor. I am fairly certain that the ghosts are on the fifth floor, and the corrupt cops from the west are on the sixth floor. I haven't beaten the sixth floor yet, but I think that the seventh floor has the big evil monster. I hear that if you start by going in the back entrance, you can go to the first floor after the fifth and you get all the nice powerups from the first floor before the sixth and seventh floors.

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